Getting Around Athens

When traveling to Greece, visitors may arrive to the Athens International Airport, which features numerous updates after the city hosted the Olympics. In fact, the airport is one of the most beautiful and well-organized airports in Europe and offers several public transportation options into the city such as taxi service and the Metro.

Regional Coach
The coach system will take visitors from Athens to other Greek cities. The country has upgraded their bus line, and travelers will discover that coach trips are secure and pleasurable. In some cases, visitors may take a bus supplied by the railroad company. Vacationers should ask personnel at the train and bus station for information regarding transit lines.

Athens features the port of Piraeus, which is the city's marine access. Numerous ferries transport travelers to and from the port while cruise ships are also a common fixture in the harbor. When travelers choose a ferry service, they will find that the vessels are located near the Metro for convenient transfers.

When cruise passengers choose to depart their ship for a shore excursion, they will typically arrive by port shuttle bus. Small ferries are docked closer to the terminal, and a short walk will take visitors to the Piraeus Metro station.

The Athens Metro system restoration was completed in 2001. Several stations are worth a stop as they feature ancient artifacts on display for the enjoyment of the passengers. Visitors should show the utmost respect for the subway system since the country used numerous resources for its development. Therefore, guests should never leave litter behind, nor should they eat or drink while riding the subway.

Travelers can take Greece's rail line, Trainose, to other cities within the country. However, the system only features two train lines with one traveling south to Pelopponese while the other route journey's north to Thessaloniki. The train continues to the north, and visitors can depart for other amazing Greek cities.

The taxi service in Athens is affordable and a recommended way for visitors to traverse the city. Drivers will help travelers with their heavy bags and are at the airport for convenient guest transportation.

Taxi fraud is becoming rare, but guests should make sure their vehicle includes a meter and that the rate is accurate. Often, taxi drivers handle the roadways aggressively, and visitors should be prepared for a wild ride.

When travelers visit Athens, they should consider walking around the city as officials have recently added sidewalks for pedestrians. Visitors can walk to sites such as the New Acropolis Museum, Herodion Theatre and Ermou Street.